Midyear Review

Thoughts on the first half of the year:

1. My emphasis on having the video be the centerpiece of my instruction has changed to more of an emphasis on efficiency in teaching during classroom time. I’m finding that the essence of the flip isn’t in the video, but that it’s in the role of the teacher and student.

2. My classes are all currently synchronous. I’m becoming more convinced that an asynchronous, mastery based approach to instruction is more appropriate for teaching the foundation of skills taught in an Algebra 1 curriculum. I’m also becoming convinced that this will ultimately lead towards more project-based-learning (PBL), which in turn will better teach higher order thinking skills.

3. I’m focusing less time in the classroom on WSQ discussions, and more on guided practice. I’m not sure if I’m ready to abandon the use of the WSQ in the classroom, but I’m beginning to see limitations in it’s implementation. My goal for next year is to incorporate more in-video quizzing to allow for more immediate feedback when students view the instructional videos, and perhaps have the WSQ journals be submitted electronically.

4. One idea I’d like to try for next year is having all students create a video journal of problems they’ve encountered throughout the year and how they figured out the solutions to the problems as a way of demonstrating learning (not just to me, but to the students themselves).


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