Thoughts on the first half of the year: 1. My emphasis on having the video be the centerpiece of my instruction has changed to more of an emphasis on efficiency in teaching during classroom time. I’m finding that the essence of the flip isn’t in the video, but that it’s in the role of the […]

One of the many new things I’m trying this year is incorporating more project learning into my teaching. In the past, this has been something I’ve avoided, for many reasons. It requires a lot of prep time to pull it off well, it eats up a lot of time in the classroom that could be […]

FLIPPED CLASSROOM CONFERENCE I went to a flipped classroom conference in Hartford CT last Wednesday to learn more about flipped instruction with my dept. head. Here are some thoughts: 1. There were 100+ teachers were at the conference from all over the area. Interest in the flipped classroom model is definitely high in the area. […]

I’m a little over 6 weeks into the flip now, more or less entrenched in the new format of my classes. While I’ve had my ups and downs, I’m still remaining positive about my decision to flip. In my experience, this is typically the time of the year where the “newness” of the school year […]

Homework We’re 3 weeks in to the school year now. With a quiz or 2 behind most of my students, my classes are now fully immersed in the flipped classroom and moving full steam ahead. One thing I’ve been curious/nervous about is the completion rate for HW under the flipped model. I’ve read before that […]

Last Week of Summer I made the decision (with about 3 weeks left before school started) to flip my precalc class. I’d actually been debating whether or not I should all summer, but began to feel swayed to do so when I began to really see in my head what changing my teaching style would […]

I feel obligated to share my recording set up since I managed to figure out something that worked for me without having to really break the bank. I didn’t any school funds to help me get started buying hardware and software, so I had to figure a lot of this out myself. It’s taken a […]